The Jungleman 100k Challenge - Will Tony G Play?

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Daniel "Jungleman" Cates has issued a "challenge" of sorts to the poker world, inviting anyone and everyone the offer to take him on heads-up in Prague, after the World Poker Tour Event. Jungleman is hoping someone will take him on in what will be a €200/€400 no-limit heads up match with a minimum buy-in of €100,000.

Unlike the Tom "durrrr" Dwan challenge, in which Jungleman is currently up over $1.25M USD and it remains to be seen if the challenge will ever be finished, there does not appear to be any side bet action or odds to provide incentive for challengers. There also is no reported minimum number of hands required.

The Jungleman 100k Challenge, should anyone accept, will be televised on a 15 minute delay with hole cards.

Is Tony G Serious?

While it would be very entertaining to see Tony G accept the Jungleman Challenge, it's highly unlikely unless Cates or another company is willing to pony up $20,000+ as an appearance fee and thus essentially spotting Tony odds. Mr Tony G always talks a bigger game than he plays. Some will remember Tony G also talked a big game about buying WSOP Champion Peter Eastgate's bracelet, but when the bidding got intense he backed off this threat.